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January, 2016 Feature Articles

How to Maximize Your Ski & Snowboard Lessons by Colorado Ski Instructor Matt Elston. Get the most out of your snow sports experience by finding the right instructor, preparation, communication and having the right attitude. Targeted to help first-timers as well as more experienced skiers and snowboarders by providing the questions to ask before booking your ski school lesson, the conversations that you should be having with your instructor, clothing & equipment suggestions, the best attitude for learning and a lot more.

The Best Ski Instructors in Colorado ! A quick look at 8 of the best instructors that author and fellow instructor Matt Elston has had the good fortune to train and clinic with. Featured in volume 1 of this series is Greg Kelley, Mark Raymond, Katherine Zinn, Doug Sakata, Jenn Metz, Mike Evans, Jennifer Simpson, and Kolby Knox.